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About Us

Shirat HaTamar is a home for families looking for meaningful tefila and a warm and welcoming communal atmosphere. Men, women and children all take an active part in synagogue services-- out of a belief that this is a fundamental aspect of our Avodat HaShem, service of God. In this, our community follows the halakhic rulings and active guidance of Rabbi Shlomo Riskin. 


Our community is made up of close to 50 families from all backgrounds who live in the Tamar neighborhood of Efrat. Our members are dedicated to living a life of Torah and mitzvot while being active participants in the modern world. In particular, our community strives to expand the role of women in prayer services while staying within the bounds of Jewish law. We believe that tefila should be joyful and engaging and communal events welcoming to all.


Shirat HaTamar is a vibrant community with the synagogue as its focal point. In addition to prayer services, we join together frequently for Torah classes, children’s programing, communal shabbatonim and more. Likewise, chessed  plays a central role in communal life. Our members are involved in welcoming new families to the neighborhood, bikkur cholim, delivering meals to families with newborns and, lehavdil, supporting others in times of loss. We welcome new families to join!

Our community was formed and continues to grow through a deep sense of connection between its members and the values upon which it was founded: meaningful prayer and an inclusive atmosphere in which are welcome to take part in avodat Hashem. Our prayer services are filled with joyous song and community members, men and women, take turns sharing words of Torah, such as the weekly drasha. In addition, with the approval and encouragement of Rabbi Riskin women lead the prayers for the State of Israel and IDF soldiers as well as the Haftarah reading on Shabbat and Megilot on the holidays. In addition, our dedication to inclusion reflects itself in the placement of the Mechitza and Aron Kodesh. 


Shirat HaTamar is led by Rabbanit Shira Marili-Mirvis, the first female leader of an Orthodox congregation in Israel. Beyond being a Talmidat Chachamim and renowned teacher of Torah, Rabbanit Shira’s door is always open to members of the community, providing counsel and support. 

Currently Shirat HaTamar makes use of a temporary building as we prepare to build our own permanent synagogue.  We welcome you to take part in this exciting process and donate to our building fund here

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