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About Us

The Shirat HaTamar community is home to families who are interested in meaningful, joyful prayer, which comes from the bottom of their hearts. Our synagogue also allows women and children to participate in the prayer space. The community follows the ruling of Rabbi Shlomo Riskin and holds consultations and studies with him along the way.


Shirat HaTamar has a rich and varied collection of about 50 families from different Israeli communities, who live in the Tamar neighborhood in Efrat. Members and members of the community seek to worship God while observing Halacha along with a constant striving for renewal, emphasizing the place of women in the prayer space as well as the participation of youth and children, out of kindness and joy in prayers and meetings.


Shirat HaTamar is a vibrant community built around the synagogue. Beyond meeting prayers, on Saturdays and holidays, we hold frequent social events, such as school evenings, children’s sessions, community Saturdays, welcome meetings for new families, visiting the sick and isolated and much more.


The character of the community is shaped in light of the sense of family and closeness among its members, along with the values ​​that led to its establishment: meaningful prayer, an open and accepting atmosphere, worshiping God together, and enlightening the face of every person.


The prayer is unique in the multiplicity of poetry, and parts of it are led by the women of the community - a prayer for the peace of the state and the recitation of the Haftarah. Every Saturday, a sermon on the Torah portion of the week is delivered by one or more members of the congregation. The location of the partition, the location of the stage and the location of the ark also reflect the values ​​of the community.

The Shirat HaTamar congregation - which is currently praying in a temporary place, since the permanent structure is still under construction - is led by Rebbetzin Shira Marili Mirvis, the first Orthodox community rabbi in Israel. Beyond being a student of sages, Rebbetzin Shira is an address for each and every one of the members of the community and accompanies the families of the community with sensitivity and wisdom.

The community welcomes and happily new families interested in joining a community life of worship, prayer, and enlightenment.

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